2021 Calendar Tenuta Tenaglia for Aboubakar Soumahoro. All sale proceeds of this calendar was donated to the association founded by Aboubakar  Soumahoro, in order to contribute to the defense of labor rights of immigrants and Italians in  a moment of health and economic crises. 

‘Sega la Vecchia’, a journey into one of Italy’s last folkloristic traditions still standing- a comical farce representing the fleet in essence of life and the rhythm of nature. The plot of the representation sees the main protagonist as an old woman who is also an old oak tree, which the men want to saw in half. In fact, ‘Sega la Vecchia’ is a purely symbolic allegory, where the killing of the woman personifies the interruption of the natural ageing of life.

"Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life." - Samuel Ullman

A on going project based on freedom, curiosity and a sincere attraction for colors and shadows.

Looney is a story of humanity and lunacy, where boredom is depicted as a font of inspired and playful ideas. Monika spends her time creating new solution to escape her omniscient Nonna.

The Church of Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, in Camargue, experi ences a once a year, hours of intense fervour that acccompany the  Pilgrimage of Romanies, Manouches, Tziganes and Gitans. They come from the four corners of Europe and even other continents to venerate their Saint, the Black Sara. Some says, she might  have been the daughter of Jesus. This event is a religious occasion to celebrate the Procession of the  Saint Mary Jacobe and Mary Salome to the sea, and the Black Sara,  only recognised and glorified by the gypsies community. The Gitans have also the chance of reunite the various families and  spend time together in this occasion. They come with caravans, vans, tents and they surround the small  village for a week or so, bringing a festive energy, full filling the town  with music, dances and joyful atmosphere. I wanted to celebrate the Gypsys and remove a little the stigma of  misconceptions around their wonderful and mystic society.

Beauty story for Senzi Hair Education

Ataraxia (ἀταραξία, literally "unperturbedness", generally translated as imperturbability, equanimity, or tranquillity) is a Greek philosophical term for a lucid state of robust equanimity that was characterised by ongoing freedom from distress and worry. The aim of Ataraxia, developed in Sifnos, is to show, with the mediatic strenght of fashion, the quotidianity of a "tranquil" life. Creared with the collaboration of Rini Giannaki

They say they lied. They say their bodies lied. Is it really a matter of miscommunication? Is it because they talked too quietly? Or is it because they were not loud enough. When they said a silent no, they say they did not scream enough. When they shouted, they say they were exaggerating. They said loudness is not for them. Thus they are stuck in a paradox. When they are victims, they say they victimise themselves. When they are not victims, they do not listen to what they have to say. Where is the dividing line between not listening and silencing? Between equal rights on paper and equal rights in real life? As long as these differences will remain blurred, they will be loud in the street.

Sofia Gallarate.

Photos of Summertime at the UK's Forbidden Swimming Hole. One of those spots is Shadwell Basin, a little body of water off the Thames River, in east London. Unlike other ponds in the UK, you're technically not allowed to swim in the Shadwell, but people obviously do. In the summer of 2017, people went in droves when the sun's out, brown bags of beer and junk food in hand.

A close to look to the horse skin texture, a simple game of prospective and perception.

The English Prison Service Football Association has played for many years, with competitions going back beginning of the last century. It was in 1975 that the idea of a national representative side arose and Alex Scott was appointed Captain for the first international against the “Auld Enemy” .The match duly took place north of the border with England emerging as victors .The national team then went from strength to strength with regular fixtures against Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It was felt that the national side would benefit from having some feeder sides ,so in time four regional sides were establishment ,the North ,Midlands ,South West and South East   The coach, Michael Hayde informs us,  “The main reason for the team’s formation would be promote good relations between similar forces/services as ourselves, to raise the profile of the prison service in a positive manner. Our job is very challenging not least because of its day to day duties dealing with some of the most dangerous and violent offenders in the country but also because we are going through a massive change with regards to reduced staffing levels and changes in pay and pensions.”

The journey starts in their war savaged home countries, like Eritrea, and Sudan, where black Africans are openly discriminated against by the Arab-Muslim government. They flee genocide, war rape and torture, leaving their homes and families in search of a safer, better life. They pay Bedouin tribesman large sums of money to help them find safe passage over the treacherous Sinai desert. They face more brutality on route, as well as starvation and dehydration, and it has become common for the tribesman, who are supposed to be their guides, to detain the refugees in camps and demand more money from their families. If they don’t pay, they can expect to never see their loved ones again. If their families have the extra money, they are taken the rest of the way to Israel. When they cross the border they are rounded up by the Israeli army and taken to Saharonym prison. They are detained until they can prove who they are and where they come from, if they are lucky enough to have been issued a passport or other identification they are released with a free bus ticket to Tel Aviv. This is the only help they will get from state of Israel.

Refugees from Sudan are not allowed to file for asylum, and are only given a temporary visa; this allows them to legally stay in the country for a short while, but not to work, and they are denied access to healthcare, education and welfare. They are not deported back to their countries because of the poor human rights records there, but they are given no official status in Israel either. They are essentially left in limbo. The government officially refers to the refugees as ‘infiltrators’, a term traditionally used to describe the Arab terrorists that cross into Israel. This is despite the fact that there has never been a case of African refugees engaging in terrorist activity in Israel. They are constantly derided by all levels of government; the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently described African immigrants as a threat to Israel’s identity.

Most of them end up at Levinsky Park in south Tel Aviv, where they are left to fend for themselves. They have been given tents by the municipality to provide shelter in the winter, and with no hope of finding a legal job their only chance of making enough money to survive is being picked up for low paid illegal work. They are denied the right to work because the government doesn’t want them to settle in Israel. Some take illegal menial jobs as cleaners and dishwashers, and are often exploited for their cheap labour. This work is not guaranteed though, and they have little money or food. One of the only chances they get to eat is when the Levinsky Soup kitchen comes to the park in the evening. With this newspaper we aim to spread awareness of the plight of the many African migrants in Israel. They are largely forgotten about and ignored by society, both in Israel and abroad. We want to show their story, how they manage to live and survive without basic human rights. How they aspire for a better life and look to a brighter future. Despite the migrant history of the state of Israel, the people in charge today have lost all compassion, and the government is currently instituting one of the most oppressive refugee policies in its history. 

Limbo is a photographic project which aim to display and explain.


Seeking to understand society in all its complex, mysterious and creative aspects, Riccardo Raspa is an Italian photographer & director, whose practice is constantly informed by the need to find new stories everywhere he travels. Often using his work as a way to explore different cultures, he believes in the use of media as a way to narrate the society we live in and discover new scenarios. Characterised by a unique visual language, Riccardo’s work can easily shift from reportage to fashion, his style is a contamination of the rawness of photojournalism with the delicacy of fashion editorials.





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